Events / XXVIIIth Congress

Name: XXVIIIth Congress of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies - “Literary Translation and Canada”
Organizer: University of Ottawa
Date: June 1-3, 2015
Place: University of Ottawa

Possible avenues (the list is not exhaustive)

  • A rereading of Canada’s history from a translation perspective: hegemony and minorities; translating the forgotten
  • Canadian traditions bringing together literary translation scholars and translators
  • The status of literary translators in Canada and around the world
  • The new guard in Canadian literary translation
  • Canadian Translation Studies contributions within Canada and around the world: interinfluences and confluences
  • Reception of translated Canadian literature, in Canada and abroad : update and prospection; influences of the publishing market
  • Translation, in Canada, of foreign works of literature
  • Applying an intersectional frame to literary translation: how to translate ethically representations of sex and gender, “race,” religion, etc.