Events / Colloquium for the 60th Anniversary of META – 1955-2015

Name: Colloquium for the 60th Anniversary of META – 1955-2015
Organizer: Université de Montréal
Date: August 19-21, 2015
Place: Université de Montréal

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of META, we cannot attempt a thorough review, given how much the field, or rather the discipline of translation, has grown. We can, however, allow ourselves to identify its major milestones, its key concepts, its essential approaches, and its most significant authors, all of which have broadened its horizons and paved its way to the future. META invites you to go back to the future of translation studies – in August 2015, in Montreal, in the middle of summer celebrations – during this meeting of translators, terminologists, writers, lexicographers, and linguists. There is no use in delineating axes, sub-domains, or topics. We invite you to travel far and wide: back to the future.